Wedding Colour Schemes by Season

Wedding Colour Schemes by Season

Wedding Colour Schemes by Season

However you turn it, your wedding planning will greatly depend on colours. From the bouquet to the table décor, from floral arrangements to stationery, from charming groom details to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Colours reflect your unique personality which is woven into the overall theme of your wedding. The process of choosing may be fairly easy for some but what you must take into consideration is the season in which you plan to tie the knot. For example, no matter how much you love bold yellow, it doesn’t mean that it will be aligned with the winter aesthetic.
We want your vision to be absolutely perfect, so we’ve designed specially curated wedding colour schemes sorted by season to help you with your wedding planning journey.

Spring Wedding Colours

Spring symbolizes awakening, life, and rebirth. Flowers are blooming and gracing our eyes with their lush foliage. If you are planning a wedding in March, channel your inspiration from the flowers that awaken first. Think of misty blue, soft yellow, blush, and beautiful green accents. Entwine the elegance of white and ivory to achieve timeless sophistication.

April is when nature is already blooming more boldly and enriching the colour palette with more tones. Oranges are making their statement, lovely rose reds that can be combined with yellows, or if you desire romantic elegance – opt for a pastel wedding colour scheme that you can dreamily combine with rose gold and hazy blues.

Spring wedding colours achieve their peak in May when the weather is warm and gently transitions towards Summer. Paint your vision with lilac, vibrant sunflower yellow, and grass green; but if you wish to elevate your palette you can combine soft blue or add an ethereal peony pink.

Summer Colour Schemes

While Spring has many tints to beautify your styling, Summer wedding colours surpass them in terms of vibrancy. In June, everyone is enjoying the entering of a new season and warm sunlight. The green colour is dominant then but also paired with bold oranges and yellows. It is never too early to implement the classical Summer combinations like mustard yellow and grey, but if you are feeling more daring and dreaming of a destination honeymoon afterwards; colours like aquamarine, rose quartz, or citrus hues may be just the freshness you need.

In July everything is about enjoying the summer holidays so tones like corals and rich blues are dominant. If you wish for more colour pop, wedding colour schemes that include pinks, yellows, and greens here and there, will complement the coral and blue! (preferably in your florals or tablescape). Whites will give a stunning base if you desire to make some tones prominent.

For many, August is the month when Summer is slowly ending and transitioning towards Autumn. There’s a chance to seize the opportunity to mix colours from both seasons! Browns are making themselves known and mixing them with yellows and oranges will definitely be a winning visual medley. Throw in some of the whites, purples, blues, and gilded accents – and you will achieve artistry!

Autumn(Fall) Colours For Your Wedding

Autumn is a season when we ground ourselves, accept nature’s course, and slowly embrace warmer earthier colours. If you are planning a wedding in September when nature is just starting to embellish its leaves; think of rusty colours, emerald green, gold, and teal. You can also use gentle neutrals accented with yellows and plums. A combination of grey and burgundy highlighted with metallic will make a beautiful statement too!

When the month of October comes, gloomier weather brings Autumn wedding colours that remind us of warmth. Combine yellows and oranges with muted tones like mauve but elevate with copper and gold to achieve effortless elegance.

November is a reminder of transitioning towards Winter so if you are planning a wedding then, muted tints completed with teal or soft blues give an enchanting aesthetic of both seasons.

Winter Wedding Palette

December oozes with holiday charm so wedding colour schemes of burgundy, purple, and jade; accented with black and silver, will result in achieving an almost royal feel.

The new year has passed and you are looking forward to new beginnings, your wedding included. The month of January channels the icy tones of blue, but combinations with burgundy, midnight blue, lavender, and silver-toned winter wedding colours will embellish your event with class.

February is all about boldness and celebrating love! If you take into consideration V-day, you can even pull off a bold pink. The dominant colours for this month are reds, purples, emeralds, and of course gilded accents that will perfectly complement your decor.

We hope we guided you towards choosing the right colours for your wedding day, but may this be a forever reminder: there are no rules. It is your wedding so you should choose what feels right for you both! If you are in need of more wedding tips, then we welcome you to take a look at our articles specially curated to ease your wedding planning process.


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Wedding Colour Schemes by Season

Wedding Colour Schemes by Season

Wedding Colour Schemes by Season However you turn it, your wedding planning will greatly depend on colours. From the bouquet to the table décor, from