Beautiful Chic Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Beautiful Chic Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Your wedding is a symbol of celebration, an iconic moment when all of your loved ones come together to honour your new chapter in life! Your guests will spend a lot of time seated at the table, listening to stories, sharing a few drinks and meals; so naturally, the wedding table plan should be carefully curated. Besides the usual who is going to be seated where; more and more couples seek ways to introduce the seating plan in a more creative way. Why not elevate your aesthetic by making this a statement piece that will reflect both of you as a couple? Channel your authentic style, and weave gorgeous artistry that will give your guests another topic to talk about!

Based on various themes and a unique approach towards styling; we’ve compiled several wedding table plan ideas that are guaranteed to wow your guests!


Rustic has been a long time favourite of many. Its charm has proven to be ever so enchanting! Because your wedding reception is a plethora of elements coming together into one cohesive theme, this would be the perfect choice for those who are planning a cottage, barn, or rustic garden wedding. You can use old easels to place the table or wooden backdrops that will do wonders for the chosen calligraphy. Wood gives so much space to be creative especially when paired with different elements like fruit, lush florals, or even hanging name tags that guests can take!


Boho has been known to be a popular way to add chic lush grandeur to your wedding, especially when it comes to wedding table setting. But what if we tell you that your seating plan can be infused with some boho magic too? Opt for a hanging macrame with pinned lists, or write your guest list on old wood and hang it with lanterns all around! Do you have some old shutters lying somewhere in your home? Pin seating cards on them! How about using a vintage mirror to write the list on, surrounded by candles from both sides and lovely flowers peaking? Yes! We thought you’d love this idea!

Modern Minimal

It is simple, it is clean, it is easy to read! Curate a modern plan table, but make it flourish by adorning it on top with garlands of baby’s breath flowers, maybe leaf branches, or dry flowers and twigs depending on your theme! Even if you put a single statement flower at the bottom of the table, it will look effortlessly elegant. Use clear acrylic shapes to write the table list and hang them for achieving an ultra-minimal look that looks amazing!


We love how a wrought iron setting can be used for placing a table and adorning it with florals. It gives that effortless elegance that also has a modern flair with romanticized floral combinations. Do you have lovely photo frames just laying around in your home? Combine them and place the table lists inside! Include a few engagement photos of you two and it will be the most romantic chic styling ever! Plus you can use the frames for table numbers for your wedding table setting too.

Use linen to achieve a more soft romantic mood by hanging it on a tree for your garden wedding, surrounded by floral installations. This will not only awe-inspire your guests when entering the wedding reception, but you can also frame the linen list with a few dry flowers of your bridal bouquet as a souvenir from your wedding day!

We certainly hope we gave you a few ideas on how to make your wedding table plan a beautiful centerpiece! If you liked our article, you are most welcome to browse other tips and ideas to help you plan your dream wedding!


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